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Smart Bridge Suite has the best report generator ever developed for bridge engineering software. Users can choose to include not only the input values and analysis results but also the detailed step-by-step hand calculations with all proper equations and code references. The report is rich in formatting, containing tables, pictures, diagrams, and math equations. Users can choose their own pictures, notes, and pdf files to be inserted in the report as Appendix. Optimally using the report generator can save tremendous time for the bridge engineers preparing documents for peer review as well as bookkeeping.

Instead of the black-box design of traditional engineering software packages, the analysis module of Smart Bridge Suite is an open platform. Users can interact with the analysis steps by retrieving and overwriting the intermediate results. This feature offers great flexibility for the users of this program, without being restricted to the default analysis assumptions.

Smart Bridge Suite is extremely user-friendly for engineers to input data and checks results. For example, the user can visually check the corresponding vehicle position of the critical load on a section. Every intermediate analysis result can be viewed on-screen and printed in the report.

The program provides true 3D and 2D graphics for the best visual effects. The user can rotate, zoom, and even adjust the opacity of the objects to view the details better.

A built-in error-proof mechanism detects improper user input immediately, preventing incorrect data input. Data consistency is automatically checked before the analysis is performed.

Smart Bridge Suite provides a sophisticated Finite Element Module (FEM), all wrapped into a very easy to use package. The program automatically builds the bridge model, using the beam element and the plate element. Users can perform sophisticated FEM analysis using Smart Bridge Suite with little knowledge of the FEM theory.

The program provides two methods to calculate the shear resistance due to vertical steel, namely the stirrup counting method and the simplified method.

A smart data grid in the program allows the user to generate a dynamic XY diagram while viewing the analysis result to better comprehend the data. Data can be copied and pasted between the data grid in Smart Bridge Suite and Microsoft Excel datasheet.

Smart Bridge Suite allows the user to create vehicles with varying axle spacing, and multiple wheels on one axle.

The program offers flexible settings so that users can adjust the program to analyze a problem in the preferred method.

Reinforced concrete cast-in-place slabs are handled in Smart Bridge Suite, as well as prestressed concrete bridges.

All concrete spans of a bridge (reinforced and prestressed) can be analyzed and stored in a single project file. The rating summary is calculated based on all the spans.

Smart Bridge Suite provides a refined method for camber and deflection calculation in addition to the traditional multiplier method.

Smart Bridge Suite allows mixing girder types; prestressed strands and rebar in girders; and girder materials, allowing great flexibility in modeling bridge widening. Unsymmetrical shear reinforcement design is also supported. Support for mixed strand types design was added. Strand can be designed to be used only until transfer. Strand can have different initial forces.

Smart Bridge Suite supports flared girders and will calculate the corresponding distribution factor considering variable overhang.

Smart Bridge Suite provides damage assessment which considers the capacity reduction due to concrete and steel damages for the damaged section.

Smart Bridge Suite provides design support for LADV-11 which is a special design vehicle in Louisiana. Other common vehicles were also provided for convenient use.

Common sections of girders and special girders such as Louisiana Girders (LG) and Louisiana U girders were included in the built-in library. Girders with the trapezoid, U girder section, quad girder section were supported in the design. Smart bridge Suite includes the up to date formula proposed by DOTD to calculate the distribution factor of U girders.



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