Smart Bridge Rating

Smart Bridge Rating (SBR) is designed to assist bridge engineers in the analysis and load rating of highway bridges under vertical loads. Smart Bridge Rating implements structural load rating and analysis that follows AASHTO LRFD code specifications. The initial version contains the substructure module and the integrated influence line module, while the superstructure module and other features will be introduced in the future.

Key Features

User-friendly graphic interface. The user-friendly graphic interface is tuned for engineers, making the modeling and load rating of the substructure easy and efficient. The bent graph is automatically generated based on the input data, which makes data verification simple and convenient. Detailed analysis results, including step-by-step calculations, can be easily checked by the user.

Automatic load generation and distribution. The member self-weight, dead load from the superstructure, and vehicular live load effect can be automatically generated in the program based on the input data. Load factors from the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation are predefined (modifiable by users), and the appropriate one will be used for each load according to the load type when performing bridge rating. The user can also choose to add additional loads.

Comprehensive vehicle library. Smart Bridge Rating includes a comprehensive library for all common vehicles. The user can also easily add and configure new vehicles to be used in the analysis.

Built-in and versatile FEM. Smart Bridge Rating is equipped with a powerful and efficient built-in FEM program for structural analysis. It supports the analysis of multi-column bent and hammerhead substructure types. Users can also define the boundary conditions and the connections between the cap and columns (pinned, fixed, or spring). The results can be shown in graphs and tables for easy review.

Detailed PDF report with step-by-step hand solution. Instead of the plain text report used by other software, Smart Bridge Rating can generate a much more functional and professional PDF report, including the analysis and load rating details with text, graphs, and tables. The user can also design the cover page and page headers/footers. It creates a step-by-step hand solution that shows the code equations, numbers, and references.



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